The Game

  • Suddenly, you find yourself aware of the fact that you can no longer stare at your half page of company notes in your binder without the front desk secretary being concerned that you have a mental disorder.

    You look around the room and notice the typical couple of demoralizing-motivational posters gathering dust on the walls.
    You begin to think this is a mental trap, but can't help but distract yourself from the painful amount of waiting time you've been put through. Good thing this is your only interview today.

    You wonder if that mirror on the back wall is a fake one-way mirror. It has a frame. Maybe it's just your imagination, or maybe its the fact that corporate espionage is a new thing for you. Pen testing was one thing. If you were caught it just validated the companies interests. Now if your caught, well, it depends on how many conspiracy theories you believe on what consequences your mind can imagine.

    There are a few magazines on the desk that front page. On of which you take notice has the typical amount of smiling faces belonging to the stock photo used for the cover. Circled in a red marker is small text advertising an article you guess will end up being a quarter page mention of this local branch of the company to which this office belongs.

    You have to start small, you guess.

    What would you like to do?

    Directions are:
    Fire Exit, Frosted Glass door, Elevator.

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  • The door seems to be your standard height and width door. It doesn't look like anything large would be dragged through it. You suppose there may be a back door for any equipment that may need to be hauled up.

    The door is labeled: Regional Director, and nothing more is printed onto the door. You wonder if this means there's a high turnaround for the position, when you look further down and...

    You notice there's a slot for the name, but the name is upside down.

    You've never been able to read upside down and wish you took the opportunity to, because as you turn your head sideways, the secretary speaks up,

    "Not the person you'll be seeing today. Pardon the dust. We haven't had the opportunity to re-print out the names yet."

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  • You turn around to see where the voice was coming from, but all you can make out is what appears to be a spectral face behind the desk.

    The secretary appears to be constantly pushing her undersized glasses back onto her nub of a nose protruding from her face. The glow from the monitor lights her face up in a blue hue so strong that you cannot make out any of the other features of her face.

    You assume her short stature is the cause of her body being well hidden behind the large desk that spans the width of the wall on one side.

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  • The lady doesn't seem to notice your approach.

    She appears to be engaged in something lively as the hue of her face alternates between a bright white and bright blue, on one occasion the bright white highlights the fact that one eye appears to remain fixed where the other eye seems to move freely.

    The free eye moves toward your direction, then at the clock.

    She seems slightly annoyed by your approach, as what's on the monitor appears to be infinitely more entertaining.

    You notice a red light on her deskphone indicating a call is on hold.

    You wonder for how long has the call been on hold. Which just reminds you that you don't seem to remember how long you've been in this room.

    Apparently the person on hold seems just as much interested as you are in being detained so. Competition for the position?

    You hope not. You're skills don't directly relate to the position, and your real client has just enough money backed on your ability to scope out the company from inside. You really don't want to think of the alternatives.


  • @xaade said:

    half page of company notes

    Read notes...

  • With what do you want to slash lady?

    (save roll 🙂 )

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

  • The notes are a little light on content.

    They mention that the new company is a diverse group, supporting the auto industry by collating valuable manufacturing data and importing into whatever data system the client uses.

    In small notes barely enough to read at hand length is a note commenting on the company actually being a recent acquisition.

    Mergers make for great pen testing opportunities, and you hope that plays to your advantage.

    Oh, and Autov8 is sprawled over the top margin of the page.

    You notice there's a slight corner of a yellow page protruding from behind the notepad.

  • Read yellow page...

  • You cautiously pull out the page from the corner.
    There appears to be only just a number.

    You replace the page, and check if anyone was looking. No signs of anything.

  • I had to be that guy. Just once.


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  • You carefully tuck the number into memory, but it will be difficult to recall without a name.

    What shall you name this number?

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  • You do not have a watch.

    > look at clock

    You look at the clock on the wall behind you. It is a cheaply plastic analog clock with 12 hours in a circle around it. With some difficulty you recall how 12 hour clocks are interpreted. You note the time to be 2:45, which would be PM, which would be 14:45, Americans be damned.

  • Done.



  • > RETRIEVE TOPICS "who am I", "where am I", "what is my job" FROM MEMORY


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  • Standard escape door, services one at a time, supports escaping, you suppose.

    A small vertical slit window with that diamond line pattern that says, "I'm reinforced" allows you to look outside at the metal framework that is the actual "escape".

    You can't see anything above your height, but that is not a guarantee given the angle of line of sight, and the size of the window.

    You can for sure see that this level has a platform, rail, and stairs leading down.

  • Elevator is double door with an arrow that lights up in the down direction at the top of the split.

    On the panel is one button. It does not indicate direction or purpose.

    The center of the button has a small glass facade that tells you a light can illuminate the hole. It is currently dark.




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  • It is a certainly odd set of questions to be asking yourself, but you take a minute to ponder how you got into this situation.

    You know you are the standard technically inclined person. You have the typical flair of a socially challenged guru. But underneath the facade, you wonder how long you can keep the image up. In reality you don't have any real strengths, but you've been able to manage so far.

    You lucked out in the past. One successful stunt involving running wildly through the building screaming "fire" got you into a server room freely.

    That company later changed its policy around door access, only to be accosted by the fire department for improperly sealed doors.

    But you were long gone with your money.

    Someone picked you up for this stunt and felt you had the talent to achieve the impossible. Infiltrate a non-descipt company.

    So here you are, waiting in the small secretary lobby on what appears to be the top floor of this small office on the outskirts of town.

  • The button lights up, the arrow above the door lights up, and a ding sounds and the door opens almost immediately.

    Evidence that the elevator had always been just waiting on this floor, like a lonely shipman, waiting for a voyager to peruse its ability to navigate up and down the column within which it resides.

    The inner of the room is the elevator cell itself. Bottom half of the walls and floor decorated in a wooden pattern, and top half composed of mirrors.

    You realize you are staring at yourself.

    Shit, is that a stain on your white collar?



  • Inventory

  • The time 13:30 comes to mind.

  • > ASK SECRETARY "Excuse me, I had an appointment over an hour ago?"


  • Say "Can I have some coffee?"

  • You sound out a question, but no one appears to listen.

  • What happened to my inventory?

  • OOC: Don't you typically start games without one? We had the clipboard

  • OOC: I don't care I still want to look

    >Do I sense a grue?



  • The secretary's one moving eye meanders in your direction.

    "I'll get to you in a second, I have a call to take."

    The secretary leans over with a grunt, and grabs the phone and presses a button that has been lit up for a while now.

    She starts to mumble into the phone.

  • Enter Elevator

    >Examine Elevator

  • @xaade said:

    Circled in a red marker is small text advertising an article

    Read article...

  • Black ink ballpoint pen
    Black pleather binder

  • Check phone for messages

  • @xaade said:

    Black ink ballpoint pen

    Test pen.

  • Inside the elevator are several buttons similar to the one outside, however these buttons have numbers next to them.

    5 6
    3 4
    L 2

    Above the numbered buttons is a card slot and an additional button.

  • As a precaution, you did a wipe of your phone before entering.
    The phone opens to the map app, displaying the message, "You have arrived at your destination" and a few ads dangling around the perimeter.

  • You click the button on the top of the pen. A point descends. You click the button again, and the point ascends.

    Yep, it works.

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