Ingenius modem driver

  • My friend told me about his modem driver installing experiences. I
    don't remember the modem make or model, but he used the standard driver
    supplied on a floppy disk. When he started the installation program,
    the driver installed half-way through, then began insisting the driver
    version was out of date, and it wanted to connect to the Internet to
    download a newer version of the driver. Well, since the modem driver
    wasn't installed, there was no way for the computer to connect. The
    driver refused to install, because it didn't have a connection to the
    Internet. Very logical, don't you think?

  • Betreft: Ingenius modem driver

    Floppy disk? What's a floppy disk? Do you mean CD or DVD? [:P]

  • Modem?  What's a modem?  You mean like a router?

  • What is this internet thing you are talking about?

  • Wow...words floating on a TV screen. The days of paper are numbered now.

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