Language Hinted Syntax Highlighting broken in posts?

  • SockDev

    Continuing the discussion from Coffeescript sucks:

    this bit sytnax highlights in the preview window but not in the post


        function mergeInner(a, b) {
            var name;
            for (name in b) {
                if (b.hasOwnProperty(name)) {
                    if (typeof b[name] === 'object' && !Array.isArray(b[name])) {
                        var c = a[name] || {};
                        a[name] = mergeInner(c, b[name]);
                    } else {
                        a[name] = b[name];
            return a;
        function merge() {
            var args = Array.prototype.slice.apply(arguments),
                res = {},
                obj = args.shift();
            while (obj) {
                mergeInner(res, obj);
                obj = args.shift();
            return res;

  • SockDev

    oh suuuuuure... NOW you syntax highlight when you didn't in my original post....

  • SockDev



  • SockDev



  • Discourse is actively trolling you.

  • I'd almost like it a bit more if it actually did that.
    Of course, it'd probably be a plugin which means it'd only work sometimes.

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