Chrome's reopen closed tab reverts to a state long before the tab was closed

  • I just closed a tab, and then reopened it, having read a few topics (and possibly used the back button after I was done reading them) and dismissed some notifcations by clicking on them (like you do)

    I then closed the tab and then decided I regretted it. I used the reopen closed tab functionality, and the count of notifications was restored, as well as some counts next to threads I had recently read.

    expected behaviour: restoring the page restores to the actual last state of the page.

    this may not be a bug discourse can resolve, but other pages do not regress to the point of page load (text box entries are retained etc) so I think there is probably something they can do.

  • mod

  • Not sure what to say to this. All the browsers' different methods for handling page state recovery when using back/forward/restore tab vary wildly and there are no standards for it that I'm aware of.

  • true, I have presented it in such a way to demonstrate I recognize the limitations in terms of knowledge and control the site has over the behaviour, but as I said, I haven't noticed similar issues with other websites at all, so there is clearly something discourse is doing differently.

  • I've seen many fancy ajaxy sites fail to recover after being restored. The more fancy, the worse they are. Other than doing a setInverval heartbeat inside the page to see if it's still alive, I wouldn't have a clue where to start. All this JS URL and hash fiddling stuff is hard.

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