Continuing a topic on admin layout on mobile

  • @pjh mentioned in a prior topic in the middle of a diatribe of other things...

    The admin layout is not mobile friendly (this might be a huge PITA request but).

    I wonder if @codinghorror @sam and @awesomerobot can hamburger-fy the primary admin nav then the secondary nav mimics the mobile user profile layout so secondary nav turns into horizontal bars with active states and then normalize the form stuff to be full wide horizontal-ish inputs/textareas and other form elements below the selected section..

    Again this could be bullshit to deal with right now but I too use the admin section in a mobile environment frequently.

  • I feel like this belongs more on meta.d, because it's not really about TDWTF...

    Also, here's a fun point - mobile actually has a lot of completely unstyled elements in the admin area! Because the stylesheets don't even get included at all.

  • Banned

    Not a priority for V1. Feel free to submit a pull request if you'd like it
    improved sooner.

  • Nope. Get V1 out.

    Yes..this is more for meta.d but I can speak a little more freely here about stuff and since someone mentioned it I thought it would be worth discussing. No expectations (it's functional just not pretty on mobile) making it a nice to have not a need to have.

    We can close this convo.

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