Posts in "Article" category are not Muted

  • I'm going to specifically name out the category and auto tracking, as that is what I have set, and I feel the issue may be tied into how the system is "auto-posting" the topics.

    Since day 1, I have had the "Article Discussion" category in the "Muted" category in my preferences. When it got renamed to just "Article", it appeared that all of the topics that had been muted before were unmuted and would show up as suggestions at the bottom of the page. My preferences kept the category in "Muted" even through the rename.

    And yet, today, I saw posts from the category in the "Suggested Topics", and:


    It at least is right about not showing up in my "Unread" or "Latest" lists.

  • Banned

    Possible it's not going through the correct code paths since that topic is created via the API.. something @sam would have to check.

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