Cats are too cute to modify

  • SockDev

    OK, this is from SMF. Currently it's but it will likely change position over time.

    Now, please bear in mind it is an easter egg, but to me it's still a CodeSOD.

    function ModifyCat()
    	global $boards, $sourcedir, $smcFunc;
    	// Get some information about the boards and the cats.
    	require_once($sourcedir . '/Subs-Boards.php');
    	// Allowed sub-actions...
    	$allowed_sa = array('add', 'modify', 'cut');
    	// Check our input.
    	$_POST['id'] = empty($_POST['id']) ? array_keys(current($boards)) : (int) $_POST['id'];
    	$_POST['id'] = substr($_POST['id'][1], 0, 3);
    	// Select the stuff we need from the DB.
    	$request = $smcFunc['db_query']('', '
    		SELECT CONCAT({string:post_id}, {string:feline_clause}, {string:subact})
    		FROM {db_prefix}categories
    		LIMIT 1',
    			'post_id' => $_POST['id'] . 's ar',
    			'feline_clause' => 'e,o ',
    			'subact' => $allowed_sa[2] . 'e, ',
    	list ($cat) = $smcFunc['db_fetch_row']($request);
    	// Free resources.
    	// This would probably never happen, but just to be sure.
    	if ($cat .= $allowed_sa[1])
    		die(str_replace(',', ' to', $cat));

    Let me just talk you through what this is doing.

    1. Gets the current board tree (hierarchy of boards, sub-boards, whatever)
    2. Checks a mythical $_POST variable (which is nonsense, no form in the bowels of SMF actually points to the URL that goes to this code)
    3. If a POST is made with an id parameter, all kinds of WTF emerge where it tries to take a substring of an integer, if not it pulls something from the boards array - which amounts to finding the first element of the board listing, grabbing the first category and taking 'cat' from the 'category' sub-element of that array.
    4. Performs a query to fudge together a string.
    5. Performs a string mashup by doing an if on a concatenation (which naturally returns true since the result of $var .= $var2 is a true value provided either variable is non empty)
    6. Dies with the result string: 'cats are too cute to modify'.

    It's cute and all, but for an easter egg that performs multiple database queries to create this string. It's a WTF in my book, I don't know who else will agree 😈

  • This thread did not deliver on the promised cats. I was expecting image compression to be disabled for cats and some wonderful code to establish catness.

  • SockDev

    This thread did not promise cats.

  • Cats is right in the title! THAT IS AN OATH BOUND PROMISE!

  • SockDev

    No, the title merely assert('Cats are too cute to modify'). At no point does it promise cats.

    I give you cats however.

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