Feature request: "Tracking" indicator icon in topic lists

  • In topic lists, I'd much prefer having my per-topic tracking status be represented as an icon under div.topic-statuses, much like the padlock for locked status. Or alternatively, next to the "starred" toggle.

    The reason is two-fold:

    1. A color value/brightness of the topic title is a terrible representation. A subtle difference in contrast simply doesn't cut it; not just because everyone's screen and lighting conditions is different, but also because their eye sensitivity is different. So hitting the right balance between usefulness and subtlety is hard.

    2. (Main reason) Left aligned icons are much easier to quickly scan than having to zig-zag my eyes along the end of each title.

    Apropos reason #2, although I find the blue "new" badge usable, I'd much prefer if it was a stand-alone icon too. It wouldn't be hard to shoehorn "New" as a tracking status, in fact.

    Note that nothing stops you from still keeping the different title colors.

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