More recruiter WTF

  • I get the usual emails from recruiters that want me to take up a position half way across the country, for a job that I don't even have 1/4 of the requirements. But yesterday I got an email that made me go WTF.

    @Recruiter said:


    I wanted to check and see if you are currently in the job market. I need someone with your particular skill set for a position in [your] area. Let me know your $ requirements to make this happen. Hope you are having a great day.


    WTF? I don't even know the industry or the required skill set or duration. Apparently I am supposed to be psychic. So I replied:

    @OzPeter said:

    Hi ,
    I am in the market and would love to hear any possibilities you have.
    However without knowing any details I can't really give you an expected

    And the reply this morning

    @recruiter said:

    Thanks for getting back to me. I’m in need of .Net talent. I have a number
    of opportunities that could fit your skill set, but was asking your $
    requirements in case you’re overpriced (didn’t want to waste your time).

    … WTF?!??! Really?!??! Dragging out the details is not already wasting my time???

    It looks like I am dealing with a sharp one here. I'm also betting that by .Net he really means Asp.Net MVC for which I have zero experience and nothing like that is mentioned on my resume, but there a few such jobs going on around town. And I have already had this conversation with 2 other recruiters that I know who at least treat me as a professional.

  • The only contact I had with recruiters was through Linkedin, so I put a big "If you are a recruiter, you will be ignored" message in the bio. If they failed the basic test of not reading my profile, they received less that cordial replies to their requests to "connect". Then this happened: So yeah, fuck recruiters.


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