EULAs are scary

  • @NVIDIA's software license agreement that comes with the driver update said:

    Customer hereby acknowledges that the SOFTWARE accesses and collects non-personally identifiable information about Customer and CUSTOMER SYSTEM as well as configures CUSTOMER SYSTEM in order to
    (a) properly optimize such system for use with the SOFTWARE,
    (b) deliver content through the SOFTWARE,
    and (c) improve NVIDIA products and services.

    Information collected by the SOFTWARE includes, but is not limited to, CUSTOMER SYSTEM'S
    (a) hardware configuration and ID,
    (b) operating system and driver configuration,
    (c) installed games and applications,
    (d) games and applications settings, performance, and usage data,
    and (e) usage metrics of the SOFTWARE.

    To the extent that Customer uses the SOFTWARE, Customer hereby consents to all of the foregoing, and represents and warrants that Customer has the right to grant such consent.

    In addition, Customer agrees that Customer is solely responsible for maintaining appropriate data backups and system restore points for CUSTOMER SYSTEM, and that NVIDIA will have no responsibility for any damage or loss to CUSTOMER SYSTEM (including loss of data or access) arising from or relating to
    (a) any changes to the configuration, application settings, environment variables, registry, drivers, BIOS, or other attributes of CUSTOMER SYSTEM (or any part of CUSTOMER SYSTEM) initiated through the SOFTWARE;
    or (b) installation of any SOFTWARE or third party software patches initiated through the SOFTWARE


    Empashis and wall-of-text-breaking line-breaks mine.

  • @mikeTheLiar said:

    Some are even worse.
    I can't help but notice they made a typo:

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