Java Wizard to Beanbag Girl: Let's get together sometime!

  • I didn't want to pollute the main forum with this pretty much off-topic graphical whimsy, so here it is.

    Looking at the top of the page for the WTF for Sept. 1, something about the graphics compelled me in some strange way.

    So I grabbed the images of the Java Wizard and Beanbag Girl, and made... something

    I even said WTF?! about my own state of mind today...

  • The wizard, he grows beanbag girls... from his... tie

  • @Jojosh_the_Pi said:

    So, have you had a long work week?

    Yes, but curiously the week has not been nearly as long as these last two hours. Must be a time warp.

  • Can I get a tie like that in the store? Does it come in Beanbag Brunette?

    Hang on, the picture is sideways. Wow, Beanbag Girl is a mermaid! With Java Wizards coming out of her arse!!!

  • mmm you might have struck gold 🙂

    I can see this as a vanity item for geeks in suits everywhere. Holographic tie's with WTF ad-girls.


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