Community Server 2.1 Testing

  • Sorry everyone, this isn't a real SideBar WTF. I'd consider posting this in the main feed, but I'm afraid my test-site data center (read: my basement) just isn't equiped to handle the traffic.

    I've merged my customizations into CS2.1 and thought, what the heck, why not have some one actually test it. The URL is and the database is copy of the live datbase, but is pretty old (eary May).

    Basically, it should function the same way as it does today ... note that I decided NOT to add the moderation customization at this time. Goal: deploy it sometime this weekend.

  • The rss feed is broken... I don't know if that is be expected...

  • Good call. Fixed

  • Hard to know what's supposed to be working but searching for 'proof' across the entire site isn't throwing up any matches, when there's one occurrence quite visible in the side bar...

  • In fact, search as a whole is entirely broken "java" brings up only 3 links, all in the asdfsadf post. Either that, or you didn't index existing posts when setting up the test environment.

  • Everyone who posts while not logged in is "Anonymous" instead of the name they chose.  Odd.

  • @pinguis said:

    I lose the test im typing when i change from Compose to Preview (it also happens here)
    im using Konqueror 3.5.3 on linux

    I'm using Konqueror 3.5.4 - I can change from Compose to Preview OK, but when I change back it loses the text.

  • Clicking on a normal user's link brings you to the user's page. 
    Clicking on Anonymous user's link brings you to the home page. 
    Don't know if that matters at all...

  • Posting as an anonymous user, if you put something in the "Your Name"
    box, it doesn't do anything; your post comes out as Anonymous.

    Also, is the Tags box supposed to do something?  Because I can't see any tags listed anywhere if I put stuff in there.

  • Thanks all. I've Fixed the Anon User thing (didn't deploy it to the test server though). As for Tags ... no idea. So I've disabled them.

    Will shoot for a deployment this weekend.

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