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  • Today it took me an unflattering amount of time to understand why someone else's computer was displaying Facehook like this:

    It was clearly a CSS problem, but what could it be?

    I refreshed the page, checked for any doubtful addons that could be messing up the page or redirecting requests (in my mind the most probable causes), only then did I check the page's source and external resources.
    The external CSS files weren't being loaded because of invalid certificates.

    So... could it be a virus? I saw Kasperski was asking for an update, so I told it to go ahead. (why was it even waiting for me to give it permission?)

    Meanwhile I realized something: the certificates weren't being called "invalid", they were being called "expired".
    So then it hit me, could it possibly be?...

    Yep, the computer's clock was set to 1st December 2013.

  • Not in sidebar?

  • I didn't think it was worth it. Or are you saying I'm TRWTF?

  • @Zecc said:

    Yep, the computer's clock was set to 1st December 2013.

    Had something similar with a client this year - their computer was complaining when they logged into their online banking that the certificates had expired. Turns out it was set for about four months ahead.

    Of course it was XP so he was probably looking at the calendar, trying to plan a holiday or something and didn't realise it was a system setting.

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