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    We have a large VB6-based program and one very overwhelmed programmer. We've got changes to make so we're looking for a VB6 programmer, preferably local to Westlake Village, CA, who can come in and help to update a few modules for us.

    The gig involves modifying some screens and the logic that goes on behind them. The app currently has both Access and SQL Server on the back end, uses hundreds of SQL queries, and relies on several old screen controls. You will be interacting with the current programmer, but most of your work will need to be independent and you'll be working from a functional spec that describes the changes needed.

    You'll need to be smart and self-directed so you can figure out how the program is put together to ensure that the code you write works well with the existing code. Best if you are in or near Westlake Village, CA, so you can come by the office to talk with our programmer and have your hands on the installed system.

    This gig can turn into something more if it goes well. We have LOTS of projects, so this is the first of many.

    You MUST have GREAT programming skills, EXCELLENT American English communication skills, good coding habits, good commenting habits, the ability to work with others, the ability to stick to a schedule and keep promises, and RECENT VB6 experience.

    So we know that you can follow a spec, please include the word "orange" in the first line of your reply.

    It's a challenging custom application that runs our business. Interested? Send a resume and personal note about why you're right for this gig. The first gig will be for a fixed spec and a fixed fee, but please include your hourly rate for reference. No companies, please. Independent programmers only.
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  • At least they didn't use the words "samurai," "ninja," or "code monkey."

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