Explorer fails at sorting

  • @blakeyrat said:

    Meh... 9 yeah. Prior to about version 8.6 or so, it was always excellent. Really I talk about the decline of Classic, but the real problem started even in the Classic era.

    I tried Mac OS 9 multi-user briefly, too — that was a complete WTF unto itself :)

    For all its faults though, Mac OS was an awesome system.

  • @Daniel Beardsmore said:

    Windows 8 has now decided that all captions should go in the centre. (Office 2007 used pale captions that looked like the window never took the focus. Seriously WTF.)
    Caption position is just another of those inconsistent things - in Windows 8, caption is actually in the centre between the upper ribbon tab marker (which highlights the tabs specific to currently chosen object) and the window buttons, while in Office 2010 the marker is ignored, and the caption is instead centred in the titlebar. I actually find non left-justified titlebars somewhat annoying in Windows 8, because things move around, and I have to scan around to find the information that was previously in a fairly static place.

  • @fatbull said:

    I suspect a daylight savings time bug (CEST ended on 2012-10-28).

    Don't believe it. That should just throw off the sorting for one hour, not weeks. But yeah, who knows.
    @Daniel Beardsmore said:
    Explorer/Internet Explorer? No title captions.
    What is the rationale behind this again? That window has a caption bar. So they improved usability or anything by keeping the caption bar but having it empty? WTF?!


  • @topspin said:

    What is the rationale behind this again?

    Evidently the studies conducted by the Explorer and Internet Explorer teams didn't reach the same conclusions as the studies conducted by all the other teams.

  • I feel like [url=http://www.bonkersworld.net/organizational-charts/]this chart[/url] is relevant in plenty of threads.

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