What indent style do you use?

  • I didn't know it was called "Whitesmiths", but that is the most readable and logical format.  This probably explains its rarity.  I've used it exclusively, from my days writing PL/I, REXX, PASCAL, C, C++, up to Java, Perl, and PHP. It makes everything nice and neat, and It shows the logical structure clearer than other methods.

    If you use K&R style (by far the most misguided), then you might as well write prose-style.  It seems designed to hide the logical structure.

    You people moaning about wasted whitespace are just silly.  Whitespace can't be wasted, there's an infinite supply.  A "line" is not wasted... it's just a <LF> in the actual file.  There is no real advantage in packing more code onto a page, once you can see 20-30 lines.

    What is helpful is having an editor like Kate that can collapse subsidiary structures, so you can see the code at a higher level. 

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