Extremely Sad Childhood Memory

  • Cold, damp in the seat of my pants;
    The steel chair is unyielding. It absorbs nothing!

    I must hide. There is time, if I am quick.
    But I am truly soaked!

    Oh how I hate this place! Why has that old man put me here? Where is my mom?

    And how I hate that part of me
    that others seem to love;
    ebbing, flowing, soaking me in filth!
    What horror is this little tube and those who seek it?

    They see now! They are mad with hate! They laugh; the girl and boy whom I ran to laugh at me. I love them and I have failed.

    But silence! I am not so young that I cannot name rot.
    Though I stand here soaked in my own piss,
    Still I know who made me.

    Do you?

  •  Are you a performer?

  • @dhromed said:

     Are you a performer?

    Do you mean someone who acts, dances, etc.? If so, then my answer is no. I've never done anything like that.

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