A tizzy of gentle phone stroking

  • Scott Adams had a little rant (very gentle compared to the locals around here, and I only identified it as such because he said "rant complete" at the end) about some user experiences he hates and what he'd like to see. But the following comment tickled me:
    @MisterBeefhead said:

    This is how the world ends. As humans enter the final phase of smart-phone mating they become sensitized to inconvenience. Soon the slightest disturbance will send them into a tizzy of gentle phone stroking. Have you ever seen a tizzy of gentle phone stroking? Because ITS YOUR FUTURE!!!

    For completeness, here's a sample of Adams:

    @Scott Adams said:

    Let me tell you the system that I want. I'd like my phone hardware to be totally generic, and only the software to change as needed, up in the cloud, without asking me. If I drop my phone in the toilet, I want to grab another generic phone off the shelf, speak my name as my identifier, and have it load my phone software from the cloud. I'm up and running in minutes.

  • @boomzilla said:

    speak my name as my identifier

    God I'd have to share my phone profile with some douche from Berlin who accidentally shares my name.

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