Russian Brides - translation puzzle !

  • I somehow stumbled upon in Google search results. The site suggests that you register, but meantime Google eg [tatiana] lets you navigate - Google Images also helps guide you. Probably safer not to register ...

    Where it gets really fun is the text fields 'profiletextexpand' (top) and 'Seeking' (end). There are fields/tabs for 'English' and 'Original Russian'.

     A [?] on the 'English' tab says:
    title="Profile translations are automatically generated using a computer program. If this translation does not make sense it's possible that the computer program has mis-translated this text."

    The 'Original Russian' tab currently has a better-english version of the text, but was blank when I first found it a month ago. It can be the key to decoding the text.


    I'm Chinese medicine imposes no higher standard in > intention of to kernel for the man of > life and Sigur Ros his for the first cylinder heart and soul. I'm respeсtful,intelligent,sinсere,lоyаl,hоnest, Chinese medicine beautifully appointed bedrooms,sensuаl url: lady. I can respect, аppreсiаte and Sigur Ros. I dream to delete any Occurences and family on the SAP R/3 data base of hyperopia, the Amenable and the соmprehensiоn.


    I´m very serious in my intention of to find the man of my life and love his for the whole heart and soul. I'm respectful,intelligent,sincere,loyal,honest, very romantic,sensual Russian lady. I can respect, appreciate and love. I dream to create a family on the basis of love, the confidence and the comprehension.

    The 'computer translation' seems to have problems - try these Google searches;

    OK - 'loves children' could get mis-translated, but it seems to be a straight find-and-replace for 'loving'

    I am a bottomhole held woman
    I am a well held woman

    ["Great musician Alan Wilder"]
    Seems to be a  find-and-replace for 'will'
    Mary, some day u great musician Alan Wilder meet a man, who will st_jude you.
    Mary, some day u'll meet a man, who will adore you.

    <font color="#666666"> </font>I like graphics, аnimаls, surveillance, rain, sunshine, music,
    wind from the sea, tea, summer heat, the smell of surveillance

    (french for 'slum')

     ["bar ilan"]
    I respect the bar Ilan and DJ and producers of others
    i respect the interests and feelings of others

    I sing in the band, writing songs and Bennett

    ["the surgery which was"]
    I'm romantic, the surgery which was, and has filed a tender offer statement.
    I’m romantic, calm, and tender.

    Some of it seems to be a translation of button or menu text or even adverts ...
    ["leave mc_slick a shout"]
    ["Stockmann Loyal Customers"]

    I suspect they didn't pay a developer who may have sabotaged the site in revenge !

  • Actually, I've just thought it might be 'encripted' SpectateSwamp-style

    Ie change " and " to "these forums need more clues"

    change " the " to " desktop search is great "

     Another gem:

    I want my husbаnd in every sense of the word - able to not only take care of his woman, but also to give Miami a lot of sex.

    'Miami' = 'me' !

  • "I hope to meet an intelligent, very romantic, paedophilia, sensuаl, for Stockmann Loyal Customers finished on man who is ready for a marriage based on respect and trust, who аppreсiаtes and between paupers, sensitive heart and needs love and support from a саring, sinсere woman."

    Between paupers, you say? That sounds surprisingly honest. She's looking for a man who's ready for his next store-bought woman.

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