Google Finance - now with random number generator feature!

  • I have a modest portfolio of stocks invested, and keep track of it using Google Finance's portfolio system.

    In general Finance Portfolio has been a good system, but since Monday the totals have gone.. mad.

    As I type this email it tells me cost basis of my shares totals £4,920,540, and the current market value is £255,356. Neither figure is remotely correct. I'm not sure how they did this since the same figures for each share are correct; so maybe Javascript cannot add up. That I could believe..

  • This reminds me of what happened recently in Sweden
    @Tyler Durden said:

    According to the Exchange spokesman Carl Norell has no order of that size team into the system. Instead, it is about a parsing incurred in exchange system due to a technical error. The order, Norell writes in an email, anullerades, but still remains a problem why the index derivatives market is closed since just before 10 am this morning.

  • @Quango said:

    As I type this email [...]
    Really? Are you sure you're typing into the right interweb ePage?

  • s/email/post - well spotted sir. Your prize is a free camping holiday in Syria. 😉

  • You guys are obviously unfamiliar with Community Server's email API. Just send your email to and end it with "username:password"

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