Zone Alarm Pro - True Vector engine

  • Not sure if this has been shown before but I thought it quite amusing

    Do you think it wants me to cancel the cancel operation?!

    Surely Yes / No would be a better choice!!

  • I haven't used ZoneAlarm, but I've seen something like this before. It wasn't a modal dialog - if whatever it was waiting for happened before you pressed anything, it closed the dialog for you and continued with whatever it was doing - the dialog was just giving you a chance to abort if you didn't want to wait.

    Was that was the case with this dialog?

  • Even if it was, the wording is retarded.  I think I've seen this sort of thing done right (along the lines of "I'm doing X, this message will go away automatically when it's done, or click the button if you want to interrupt it").

  • Yeah, the dialog box comes on (sometimes you don't even see it!!) when windows first boots up.

    It does go away once the True Vector engine has started.

    Just for some reason today it stayed there about 1 minute 30!!!
    (Time to defrag me thinks!!)

    It isn't that hard (surely) to get wording right, especially when your programming the dialog box yourself!!!

  • @Cratig said:

    It isn't that hard (surely) to get wording right, especially when your programming the dialog box yourself!!!

    Apparently it is.  Most people just aren't effective writers or
    communicators.  And in every job I've had, whenever I've said,
    "This wording could be a lot clearer, I suggest we change it," I've
    been met with dismissive looks at best, and "why are you wasting our
    time, we just need to get something out the door" at worst.

    In most of the industry, as long there is a button to click, the UI is "finished."

  • Well, I've seen this several times, on different PCs (mine, sister's, mother's and my aunt's). It was always after upgrading to new version of ZA, and immediately before it ceased to function. I've never managed to make it (ZoneAlarm) to work again. I tried to uninstall, to install previous version and so on. Everything failed. It seems to me that there must be some bug in the installer of every version of ZA that interferes with some bugs in TrueVector...or ...whatever - I switched to Sygate Personal Firewall - at least it installs.

  • Or even just "Initializing, please wait..." with one of those modified progress bars that goes back and forth( to assure you that it's not hung) and a Cancel button unobtrusively placed at the bottom.

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