How do you feel about the WTFs?

  • Hello everyone, I'm sort of new here, so please tell me to piss off in a nice way 🙂

    was wondering how you guys and girls feel when you see the especially
    dumb WTFs on this site. Does it make you feel smart, amused, angry,
    depressed, ashamed? What?

    Me, I'm usually amused, but frequently angry, and sometimes depressed by the sheer idiocy in the world.

    How about you?


  • The word "shocked" comes to mind [:D] but most of the time it's just very amusing.

    And "smart"... well I think it's in a programmers nature to think
    he/she can always program better than someone else. I'm one of them[:D]

    In my years of being a software engineer I've come across WTF's but
    they only make me a bit grumpy, never really angry or depressed. If it
    would get me depressed all the time, I'd need a change in career.

  • That's a good question, and I see no reason why anyone would tell you to piss off for asking it...

    My emotions usually range between amusement and amazement, sometimes
    accompanied by gratefulness that I don't have to work with such code
    (usually - since joining this forum I haven't come across any, despite
    intensive efforts to dig one up to submit.)

    I suppose some part of me is angry that people who write such code actually get hired, taking jobs away from the "rest of us".

    While I'm confident in my abilities, and feel that I'm a fairly
    advanced programmer, I know there are many who would blow me right out
    of the water.  My self-image is decent enough that I don't feel
    superior most of the time.   There is often little context
    regarding the submissions, so it's hard to gauge the circumstances
    under which the WTFs occurred.   To rightfully feel superior,
    you would need to have a complete understanding of the context, IMHO.

    And sure, a small part is depressed about the rampant idiocy in the
    world (both job-related and not), but usually only for very brief
    periods of time.

    my $0.02

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