Naming conventions

  • In un-obfuscated source code, in its entirety:

       public abstract class ASCII {
    private String tbd;
    public String getIt() {
    return tbd;
    public void setIt(String it) {
    tbd = it;


    After hunting tracking down the demon developer responsible, I am informed that this name means:

    (A)bstract (S)pecial (C)ase (I)nside (I)tinerary.

    Pray tell, what is "tbd"?

    Oh that! Well, at first we didn't know what to call it, and then we decided to just leave it because we sort of got busy.

    So what is "tbd"?

    It's the stringified db row id for special case rows; it's part of a much more encompassing entity.

    And it is abstract why?

    We thought it might need to be subclassed.

    And it's not even 10AM on Monday...


  • SockDev

     If only one of its subclasses was EBCDIC...

  • This is incredibly useful. I use strings all over the place!

    What's the license on this code?

  • @snoofle said:

    it's part of a much more encompassing entity.
    Okay, then why not put the fucking String in the other fucking classes?

  • I feel you there. I got a servlet that takes in url parameters with variable names ranging from a-Z and a constants class marked as an interface. Also, half the files' names are misspelled.

  • I don't know shit about Java, but if this was C# I'd say the developer was trying to create a mutable string object of some sort.

  • @snoofle said:

    So what is "tbd"?
    Well, let me just check little old acronym-finder dot com.

    Hmm.  Highest entry says "to be determined".  That's possible.  But it's followed by a whole raft of other "to be" expressions:  "done", "developed", "discussed", "defined", "decided", "deleted", "destroyed".

    Sounds like a capsule description (hey, where's "to be described"?) of a system life cycle.

    But then comes the one that pulls it all together:

    TBD = Tick-Borne Diseases

    Hold your calls, folks, we have a winner.

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