The Google Algorithm Has Become Self-Aware and Self-Hating

  • "He noticed something in his spam box that really, really shouldn’t have
    been there. It was a message from Google itself, promoting a Google
    product for sale.

    The Google algorithm is obviously becoming self-aware, and understands
    that no one wants promo e-mails every time a bestselling book that
    everyone has already heard of comes out."

  • @El_Heffe said:

    This WTF is better than winning

  • In oddly fitting irony, that article will also cause Google Chrome to crash if I try to open it - not just the current tab, but somehow the whole browser...

    As for Google's spam filter, it was probably just synced with the Google Books database and, after analyzing The Casual Vacancy, correctly derived that it would be best for all involved if as few people as possible get to read that book. I can't see anything broken with it.

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