Fun with scammers

  • I received a scam email today.

    @scammer said:

    <font id="yui_3_2_0_5_1347039016974619" face="Arial" size="2">From: Mr. Peter Ferguson. <>
    Sent: Friday, September 7, 2012 12:19 PM
    Subject: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

    <font id="yui_3_2_0_5_1347039016974446" color="#000000" face="Arial" size="2">
    Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport       
    6000 N Terminal Pkwy
    Atlanta, GA 30320
    <font id="yui_3_2_0_5_1347039016974605" color="#454545"></font>
    Attn: Consignee,
    We Intercepted your Consignment Box Tagged personal effect on Transit. When scanned it is estimated that the consignment contains valuable cash between $4.5 to $5Million Dollars. The consignment was intercepted and deposited in our restricted bonded store because it was not properly declared.
    The details on the consignment tagged.
    Type: SUITCASE
    Wheels: 4 wheels
    Handles: Trolley handle with top & side handles
    Approximate Dimensions: Height: 3.20 ft, Width: 2.50 ft, Depth: 1.90 ft.
    Weight: 180lbs.
    We need;
    1. Your Full Name.
    2. Home phone & Cell Phone
    3. Home delivery address
    4. Any form of Identification either Drivers license or International Passport.
    You are expected to come or assign an Attorney who will come for the normalization of your Bill of Entry and pick up of your Consignment.
    Best Regard.
    Mr. Peter Ferguson.
    I just responded with this:
    @My Reply said:
    Mr. Ferguson

    Thank you for locating my lost consignment box. Please keep it secure until the authorities arrive, I will have a hazmat extraction team ready within the next week. Agent James Edwards will be in charge of the extraction process and will contact you beforehand. In the meantime, it is extremely important that you do not attempt to open the box because it contains highly radioactive materials. If the box is compromised you must quarantine the area, keep everyone calm, don't allow anyone to enter or leave, and contact me immediately. Please carefully inspect the box for damage and if you notice any areas warm to the touch then a quarantine must be enforced. I cannot stress enough how important it is to our national security that you observe every reasonable precaution and do not talk to anybody about the situation except Agent Edwards or myself.

    Kevin Cunningham
    Special Agent
    George Bush Center for Intelligence
    Office 221B
    McLean, VA 22101
    (985) 655-2500

    This email is confidential and is intended for the original email recipient only and may contain information classified by the United States government and its agencies. Providing any information or materials contained within to third parties (i.e. personnel not included in the original email) is a violation of U.S. law and is a felony punishable by up to 75 years in prison and loss of United States citizenship and privileges.
    They claimed the box weighed 180 lbs so for some reason a heavy lead-lined box full of radioactive materials jumped to mind.

  • @mott555 said:

    They claimed the box weighed 180 lbs so for some reason a heavy lead-lined box full of radioactive materials jumped to mind.

    I bet they found your make-up.

  • Well I got a response indicating the scammer didn't read or didn't care, just asking for confirmation of all my personal details. I get bored easily so I just deleted everything.

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