How is this possible?

  • How is this possible?

    Robots in the News is a let's play series I've been doing with a friend. Somehow, one of the following things happened:
    1) Neatorama meant to post a kite video but just happened to post our latest let's play instead.
    2) YouTube has some kind of special URL that means "show whatever the last video you made public was". (Note that it's not the last video I watched, and also was uploaded on an entirely different YouTube account.)
    3) Google Reader combined the YouTube embed from my Robots in the News RSS item with the one from this Neatorama item.

    And yes, if I click it, it does play my video.

  • Ok by refreshing the page, I've eliminated possibility 1 and 2. How fucked up does Google Reader have to be to make that happen? Note that the Robots in the News Google Reader item was published literally 8 hours ago, and I read it like 6 hours ago. All I can think of it is has an "optimization" where it re-uses object tags? Maybe?

  •  It's a race condition!

  •  Would you believe that when I went to watch your LP, YouTube showed me my Portal 2 Co-op video?

    Dammit Google!

  • Would you believe that when I went to watch your LP, YouTube travelled back in time, recorded my Portal 2 playthrough, and suggested ways I might've solved levels better?

    Dammit Google!

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