Windows 8, Backups and Samba

  • I've recently installed the Windows 8 Release Preview and am currently trying to wrap my head around a problem with the integrated backup feature - despite intense googling, I'm stuck, so I'm hope you could maybe help me.

    Windows 7 provides an option to automatically copy a backup of the system and your personal files to an external hard drive or a network share (in fact, it'll regularly give you reminders to set this up if you didn't do it yet) - This has apparently been kept in windows 8 without many changes.

    I'm using an ubuntu linux server with samba as a personal network share and tried to use it as a backup target. However, when I tried to actually do the backup, it failed some minutes in with the error "The version does not support this version of the file format".

    Some quick googling turned up that this seems to be a pretty common error with an easy fix: So I followed the instructions here and added the appropiate line to the smb.conf on the linux box.

    However, instead of solving the problem, I now get a different error message: "The validation information class requested was invalid" (code 0x80070544)

    Before the change, I could at least select my samba box as a backup target and start the backup. Now, I cannot even select the box anymore - it will tell me the network location is invalid with above code in the details view.

    Weirdly, I can connect to the share just fine - view/copy files, map network drives, etc - the only thing that does not work is doing backups.

    Interestingly, the new error message stays even after I've removed the new entry from the smb.conf file again. It looks as if there is some kind of caching going on.

    So, my questions would be:

    - Does anyone of you have any experience with windows backup and Samba? Has any of you seen this particular error message before?

    - Do you know how I could clear information about previously opened Netbios shares? (I've already tried "net use /delete", but it tolds me there weren't any shares to delete)

    - Lastly, is there a way I can clear that annoying action center message about setting up a backup? If this won't work it would at least be nice to not always get annoying reminders.

    Thanks for your help!

  • I can only advise on the last question.  Go to Control Panel --> Action Center.  I have my view on the top right set to Small Icons, i don't know where it would be if it is set to Category.  Under the maintenance group, there should be a Backup entry that is yellow.  Click on the blue link at the bottom that says "Turn of messages about Microsoft Backup".  Messages gone.  

  • Hi PSWorx,

    I've encountered this particular error code setting up Windows 8 Release Preview backup when the account I'm using on the remote share has the same name as my Windows account. (Incorrect usernames or passwords produce different error codes).

    Try specifying the username on the remote share as hostname\username rather than just username, where hostname is the name of your Samba server.

    For example, if you want to back up to share \nasbox\w8backups\myw8box with username psworx, try specifying the username as nasbox\psworx

    Does that help?

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