The many vaginas of Harpo Marx

  • This struck me as a WTF, but just like we don't put student code on the Front Page, I don't think we should take academics seriously enough to consider their drivel WTFs. But for your consideration, I present a quote from The Anatomy of Harpo Marx by Wayne Koestenbaum, via a book review:

    @Crazy English Professor said:

    This point may not be popular. It may not win me friends. But I must make it. Harpo, like most men, has a symbolic vagina, somewhere on his person. Harpo, a starry man, has many vaginas. One is his wig. Another is his silence.


    I want to commit media-heist, to steal a man from silence and transplant him into words, if only for the pleasure of taking illusory possession of a physical self-sureness that can never be mine.

  •  I have gazed upon the face of insanity.

  • Of course, he's a teacher, what else could he be (Armstrong and Miller reference)? I feel sorry for his students.

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