86 Tuicken and TurboTax

  • Well Intuit has finally convinced me to never buy TurboTax and Quicken
    again.  My Quicken 2002 data does not import into TurboTax
    2004.  And they have started to disable functionality in Quicken
    2004.  It also ticks me off that all support is in India, in
    unintelligible "English." 

    Further, every time I've updated Quicken, it has scrambled the balances
    in all accounts.  I will not put up with their strongarm
    tactics.  There are plenty of competing products that don't have
    these problems.  At least to this degree.

  • Damn straight.  Anything Intuit gets its fingers into will turn to unusable money-sucking garbage, given a year or two.  Intuit just bought my favorite bill-paying service (Paytrust). I am going to buy stamps.

  • Bill-paying service? Isn't that called a bank?

  • I think I have a copy of Quicken 2001...I bought it but never opened it. It was just so "commercial" y'know? I ended up using a financial program on a Mac which was a bazillion times better. That was several years ago. Now I just use a pen and paper to do accounting/financial stuff.

    Since then, every computer I've gotten has had some form of Quicken/Turbo Tax on it. I always remove those programs immediately. They take up so much space y'know.

    There's just something so...Walmart about Quicken/Turbo Tax.

  • I am so fascinated with software that has slogans stamped on the box like "The Industry Standard!" or "The Professional's Choice!"

    <FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #efefef">I'm talking about the very commercial software which people have latched onto simply because of its market saturation.</FONT>

    <FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #efefef">Like the financial software you find in Costcos and Walmarts. (Not naming any names of course...Quicken...Turbo Tax!) You buy it because it's been there...and come out with a new version every year...and because it has "The Industry Standard!" stamped on the box.</FONT>

    <FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #efefef">But we never step back and think, "Hmm, is this software garbage?"</FONT>

    <FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #efefef">We don't, because we are so used to seeing the same software on the store shelves, year after year. And we assume it's the best. Because it says it is. There's really something to be said about good marketing. It just makes me wonder how much garbage software we've been using because we thought we didn't have a choice.</FONT>

  • For my personal finances, I'm quite happy with MS Money... Have yet to
    see any problem with it.  It syncs my downloaded data from my
    bank's website with my manually entered transactions accurately and
    intuitively, and in all this time I only have one complaint:

    Despite the fact that I've turned off "Play Sounds" in the options
    dialog, I frequently get "helpful" instructions on how to use features
    I've been using for months.  If anyone knows how to completely get
    rid of that, I'd love to hear it.

    I've considered locating all the .WAV files and either deleting them or
    replacing them with "empty" .WAV files, but have been too lazy to try
    so far.

  • Is "Tuicken" a typo, or some joke I just don't get?  If it's a
    typo, it's a damned good one, since the Q and T have three keys between
    them (unless the poster uses a Dvorak keyboard, which I'm not familiar

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