When Chuck Norris plays Battlefield, his bullets kill players on other servers

  •  I'd hate for this forum to become a place where we just dump links to YouTube videos... but I'm going to just dump links to YouTube videos:

    Chuck Norris vs Pac Man

    Chuck Norris  vs Super Mario Bros

  • <font size="7">FWOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!</font>

    WHOA! Oh man!! It worked!! I can't believe it!! What year is it? 2012?

    Holy shit, I can't believe it worked.. They said time travel was impossible but here I am: a few seconds ago I was in 2006 and now.. Oh God, I gotta sit down for a second..

    What's that? A black President? My god, are you sure I didn't go ahead 60 years??

    Oh, wow, this Chuck Norris thing is kind of cute. Future Humor isn't so different than Past Humor. Just be careful: something like this could quickly get run into the ground and cease to be as mildly amusing as it was the first time you heard it--which for me was just a couple of seconds ago because, as I said, I'm from the year 2006.

    Well, I've got to hurry back to my old time. I'm hot on the trail of sexual predator.. goes by the name "dhromed". Definitely not somebody you want to run into in a dark alley. Just keep your eyes open and your anus tightly clenched. So long, 2012!!

  • @DOA said:

    .. youtube ..


    I LOLed... but then I'm more of a retro gaming geek and the humour tickled me.

    @morbiuswilters said:

    ... and your anus tightly clenched

    The tighter the better.


    From what I hear.



  • @Cassidy said:

    @morbiuswilters said:

    ... and your anus tightly clenched

    The tighter the better.


    People call me Gordon Freeman for a reason.

    Check it out.

    What's that in his hand?

    Yea I thought so.

  • [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Tjb14VoWjg]PONIES The Anthology[/url]

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