Don't know what's wrong with Oracle...

  • I don't have to use it so it's only a pain in the ass for my competition... [:P]

    I do wonder why people still continue to use it, though, when it's such a crappy product. Then again, other databases could be just as bad, I think. SQL Server is full security problems and DB2 is as complex as Oracle. Perhaps we should all move back to the old DBase IV or Paradox.

  • No, write everything to flat files in a domain-specific format and write modules for every project to load, parse, query and save the data!

  • No, these days we have XML, don't we? Just put your data in a huge XML file and use MSXML with stylesheet to filter out the data you need...[6]

  • That's too complicated - just read in the xml file as text and use a sub string function to find the stuff you need in between the elements

  • Interesting as if oracle is unbreakable? Did you read the articles on the net recently? what about the security fix (for a security issue already found and fixed by oracle's programmers), but waiting for the other team to deliver their new update system?

    Every system (talking not only about databases, but OSes etc) may have security issues and there are lots of way to prevent that - like installing the database server behind a firewall and accessing it from another computer on the same network through a VPN connection or something similar to that scenario. No worm or hack can break a system if it cannot reach it, right? I heard about lots of security issues for windows and some worms exploiting them and curiously but none of them crashed my system.

    In my day-to-day work I use more than one database and each has it's own advantages for the specific system that uses it. for small databases I would certainly prefer ms access if I develop some small web site using or some desktop application using C++ or C#. When I have to do some comm-stuff like what I did yesterday I would prefer paradox and delphi mainly because both work together and I have lots of components doing the job for me so I don't have to do lots of crap to get started. When I need slightly more power I could use either Delphi+Interbase or C++, C# or VB and mySQL. When it comes to bigger stuff then I would certainly pick MSSQL not only because it's fast and reliable but also because it doesn't require a lot of maintenance. Once I tried to convert to Oracle the two 40GB databases for yellow-pages system I was working on and what I stumbled upon was strange settings in oracle not allowing the tables to grow beyond a certain site and record number and I had to fix that over and over and keep tweaking the system JUST TO MAKE IT WORK, not talking about optimizations at all - just getting it work at all.

    No wonder I hate oracle. It's a dinosaur and unless they think over their system and make it slightly frentlier it will be a big WTF.

    Talking about poorly designed systems - don't you see the similarity here - CISCO has training courses which here they do in the CISCO academy... isn't it nice to train people to administer routers? I know there's lot to learn about network administration but why it's all about cisco then? Same as Oracle's DBA courses... isn't it?

  • @Katja said:

    I don't have to use it so it's only a pain in the ass for my competition... [:P]

    I do wonder why people still continue to use it, though,

    There's a lot of reasons why people use Oracle:
    MS SQLSever

    They all suck, in one way or another. Oracle probably sucks most of them, but on the other hand, it offers powerfull features no other database system can match.

  • I've used Oracle in the past and when it comes to the Big4 (Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL, DB/2) it would be the product of choise for me, with DB/2 a good second.
    But then I'm no DBA but a programmer writing code against the thing and the most interaction I have with the product itself is executing some queries and DDL statements against it or maybe inputting a stored procedure or two.

    But for most solutions they're all overkill, and something smaller and cheaper like Interbase/Firebird is all that's needed.
    Cheaper, requiring a lot less hardware, and fast.

  • @Scarlet_Manuka said in TIL (about the Dark Arts of HTML):

    TIL that this site is configured so that a sufficiently long gap between posts is described not as "<n> YEARS LATER" but as "GODDAMNIT FBMAC". Nice.

    Well, now I have to check this...


    Goddamnit @CreatedToDislikeFbmac!

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