OMG - Government site shows its Goss CMS underpants - Config, server info, file structure, code!

  • Looks like the team at this government org like to play with risk.... They failed to point their DNS in the right place and... - here it is on pastebin

    The worst of it is that the <a href=">vulnerable CMS is called GOSS Intellegent Content Management! That's a big WTF!

    I sure hope there aren't any clever guys out there looking for exploits as the Goss cms powers police and hundreds of government sites :-0


  • You'd think in this day and age, someone would have checked the non-www variant before now. Of course, even I'd they knew about it right this minute, it's Sunday, and no-one in government works Sundays, so that means 24hrs or so to guess the default install's admin password 🙂

  • @Behn00d said:

    The worst of it is that the vulnerable CMS is called GOSS Intellegent Content Management! That's a big WTF!

    Why? Does it have a bad reputation?

    ObSidetrack: I've taught CSS and basic HTML to people that are to be assigned the job of hacking maintaining some proprietry content management system for their organisations' [ inter | intra | extra ]net, and I happen across several that already know their stuff - since they use a common CMS like wordpress/drupal/xoop/etc. They often regale with tales of how they could have produced the same solution, more quickly and cheaply - but management prefered to spend loads on a CMS with half the functionality and closed-source support.

    Our organisation, at least, investigated some CMS and settled on Drupal.

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