• Did something hiccup? Sidebar links seemed odd then.

    Fixed now. Wondered if anyone else noticed it.

  • What are you talking about? Do you have a screenshot of what "seemed odd" was?

    Hard to say if I noticed it or not, when I don't know what "it" is.

  • No... no screenshot. I should have taken one, damn.

    Sorry, not explaining myself clearly. Was on the index page, clicked on the sidebar links and got a DNS error - " not found". Tried a few other links and saw they all seemed to point to that domain.

    Tried again and... well, all's well now.

    Ah, well. The matrix hiccuped. Nothing to worry about.

  • For a short time, that was the domain name of this site. Now, in chrome, when I try to go there, I get, "Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects."

  •  Is this related to the occasional green forums? Like somthing went ping before loading an overriding style sheet...

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