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    07/14/2006 09:33:22AM Session Started with Agent (Airas_01125076)
    07/14/2006 09:33:28AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Thank you for contacting Dell Technical Support. My name is Airas and rep id is 125076. May I have your telephone number, along with the area code?"
    07/14/2006 09:33:40AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "hi saria"
    07/14/2006 09:33:48AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "XXX-XXX-4095"
    07/14/2006 09:34:47AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "i am trying to reload the OS on the dell laptop, but it fails with a pci.sys error"
    07/14/2006 09:35:04AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "is there a restore CD image for this laptop i can download?"
    07/14/2006 09:35:20AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Thank you for the information."
    07/14/2006 09:35:25AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Please give me a moment to pull up your account information. Meanwhile, I would like to inform you that you might get an invitation to participate in a survey at the end of this session. You will be asked to rate our interaction on a scale of 1 to 9, with"
    07/14/2006 09:37:31AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "are you there?"
    07/14/2006 09:39:22AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Yes, I'm right here."
    07/14/2006 09:39:28AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "knock knock"
    07/14/2006 09:39:45AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "whew - i though i lost you"
    07/14/2006 09:43:07AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "I see that the system you use is an Inspiron B130 with Windows XP sold to you on the 13th of December, 2005."
    07/14/2006 09:43:19AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Is this the system you need assistance with?"
    07/14/2006 09:43:20AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "yup"
    07/14/2006 09:44:13AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "I would like to remind you that the warranty on the system expires on the 13th of December, 2006."
    07/14/2006 09:44:30AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Please contact us before this date, if you wish to renew the warranty."
    07/14/2006 09:44:33AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "ok - thank you"
    07/14/2006 09:45:02AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "You're welcome."
    07/14/2006 09:45:30AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "but the question remains - is there a restore CD that i can download to get this machine back running?"
    07/14/2006 09:46:34AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Could you please tell me how you're trying to re-install the OS?"
    07/14/2006 09:46:52AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "i would like to re-install from the CD"
    07/14/2006 09:47:29AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Are you talking about a CD that was shipped with the system?"
    07/14/2006 09:48:30AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "i do not know if i ever received a restore CD with these laptops"
    07/14/2006 09:49:27AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "How are you trying to install?"
    07/14/2006 09:49:50AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "with a CD"
    07/14/2006 09:49:57AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Are you using a friend's CD or purchased?"
    07/14/2006 09:50:40AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "I have Microsoft Action Pack"
    07/14/2006 09:51:10AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Is is one you purchased or borrowed from a friend Tony?"
    07/14/2006 09:51:43AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "I purchased the MS Action Pack for the office"
    07/14/2006 09:52:00AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Okay."
    07/14/2006 09:52:06AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "I have 10 licenses to install it on each of these laptops"
    07/14/2006 09:53:48AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Please allow 2 minutes while I review the situation."
    07/14/2006 09:54:20AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "two more minutes?"
    07/14/2006 09:54:51AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Yes, please."
    07/14/2006 09:55:06AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "ok -"
    07/14/2006 10:00:33AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Thank you for staying online."
    07/14/2006 10:00:38AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "still here"
    07/14/2006 10:00:59AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Are you talking about Windows restore CD image?"
    07/14/2006 10:01:31AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "ok - yes please - i just need to get these machines working"
    07/14/2006 10:01:57AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "yes"
    07/14/2006 10:02:04AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "All right."
    07/14/2006 10:02:26AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "I will arrange to send you all the CDs you would requires to do so."
    07/14/2006 10:02:52AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "is there a way i can download them?"
    07/14/2006 10:04:30AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "I'm afraid, that is not an option."
    07/14/2006 10:04:56AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "ok - then send me the media"
    07/14/2006 10:05:01AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Windows XP cannot be downloaded from a website."
    07/14/2006 10:05:05AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Sure."
    07/14/2006 10:05:05AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "and explain to me why there is a PCI.sys error"
    07/14/2006 10:10:36AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "are you there?"
    07/14/2006 10:11:07AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Yes, I'm right here."
    07/14/2006 10:11:29AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "I'm still looking up for information for you."
    07/14/2006 10:11:34AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "why do i get a pci.sys error"
    07/14/2006 10:14:30AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "pci.sys x0000007e"
    07/14/2006 10:14:37AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Thank you for your patience."
    07/14/2006 10:14:47AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Do you have the exact error message?"
    07/14/2006 10:14:53AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Thank you."
    07/14/2006 10:15:27AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED"
    07/14/2006 10:15:37AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Is this the error you get?"
    07/14/2006 10:15:52AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "no"
    07/14/2006 10:16:01AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "i do not get windows to load at all"
    07/14/2006 10:16:58AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "All right."
    07/14/2006 10:17:05AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "pci.sys x0000007e"
    07/14/2006 10:17:13AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "ok - enough of this - please send the media"
    07/14/2006 10:17:15AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Is this the only error you get?"
    07/14/2006 10:17:56AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "what address are you sending it to?"
    07/14/2006 10:17:57AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "This problem occurs when you remove the CardBus adapter from the computer after a file transfer or after editing a file on the Compact Flash card."
    07/14/2006 10:18:35AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "windows never loaded"
    07/14/2006 10:18:38AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "For this you will need to use the latest service pack, I will be sending you the same."
    07/14/2006 10:18:42AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "and there are no cards in the system"
    07/14/2006 10:19:03AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Please give me the name, telephone number and mailing address as on the invoice."
    07/14/2006 10:19:39AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "Stupid Dell Purchaser"
    07/14/2006 10:19:47AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
    07/14/2006 10:20:09AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
    07/14/2006 10:20:15AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "XXXXXXXXXX"
    07/14/2006 10:20:24AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
    07/14/2006 10:20:27AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "I'm sorry there is a mismatch in the details, please re-check."
    07/14/2006 10:20:40AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "XXX-XXX-XXXX"
    07/14/2006 10:20:47AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Is this the address the system was shipped to?"
    07/14/2006 10:20:57AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "i dont know"
    07/14/2006 10:21:03AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "but this is the office location"
    07/14/2006 10:21:10AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
    07/14/2006 10:21:13AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "XXXXXXXXXX"
    07/14/2006 10:21:20AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
    07/14/2006 10:21:37AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Please give me the address the system was shipped to."
    07/14/2006 10:22:01AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "Lady - i don't know that information"
    07/14/2006 10:22:17AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "all i know is this is where the office is, and this is where i need the stuff sent to"
    07/14/2006 10:22:20AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Did you purchase the system from a friend?"
    07/14/2006 10:22:38AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "the company purchased the systems"
    07/14/2006 10:22:46AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "I need the details for verification purposes, please."
    07/14/2006 10:22:47AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "they purchased 9 of these units"
    07/14/2006 10:22:58AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "and they are all right here in the office"
    07/14/2006 10:23:50AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Is there another branch?"
    07/14/2006 10:23:58AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "i don't know"
    07/14/2006 10:24:05AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "i think they were in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
    07/14/2006 10:24:11AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "or XXXXXXXXXXXXX"
    07/14/2006 10:24:29AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "but outside of that - i don't know the history of the company"
    07/14/2006 10:24:43AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Do you have the mailing address for both?"
    07/14/2006 10:25:00AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "no"
    07/14/2006 10:25:11AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "i said i don't know the history of the company"
    07/14/2006 10:25:24AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "I could wait if you'd like to obtain information."
    07/14/2006 10:25:38AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "This is for verification [purposes"
    07/14/2006 10:25:47AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "OMFG - look lady the man is pressing me to get these machines working,"
    07/14/2006 10:25:58AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Without the details I wouldn't be able to process the dispatch."
    07/14/2006 10:26:00AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "i need the CD's to achieve this"
    07/14/2006 10:26:05AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "they are under warranty"
    07/14/2006 10:26:19AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "just mail the CD's to the address i provided you"
    07/14/2006 10:26:24AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "this isn't that hard!"
    07/14/2006 10:28:08AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "I understand your concern, however, I wouldn't be able to go ahead without the details for security purposes."
    07/14/2006 10:28:35AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "what security"
    07/14/2006 10:28:54AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "i need the CD's that are for these machines"
    07/14/2006 10:29:15AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "i have given you my information"
    07/14/2006 10:29:18AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "my numbers"
    07/14/2006 10:29:24AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "the numbers of the machines"
    07/14/2006 10:29:26AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "I know what you're saying, but I'm afraid without the details I cannot go ahead."
    07/14/2006 10:29:31AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "and the company that purchased them"
    07/14/2006 10:29:49AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Yes, you did."
    07/14/2006 10:30:04AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "But there is a mismatch in the details of the company."
    07/14/2006 10:30:04AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "then what is the problem?"
    07/14/2006 10:31:23AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Please contact us back with the right details to carry out the dispatch."
    07/14/2006 10:32:04AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "are you kidding me?"
    07/14/2006 10:33:03AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "I'm not, XXXX. This is the normal procedure that we follow to create a dispatch."
    07/14/2006 10:34:17AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "what a load of crap"
    07/14/2006 10:34:26AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "so your telling me that"
    07/14/2006 10:35:05AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "because i don't have the history of the company"
    07/14/2006 10:35:19AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "i can't get support?"
    07/14/2006 10:35:58AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "so these machines are worthless with out the restore CDs"
    07/14/2006 10:37:16AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "this is unbelievable"
    07/14/2006 10:37:23AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "worst service i have ever had"
    07/14/2006 10:37:42AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "i will recomend that this company NEVER purchases another DELL"
    07/14/2006 10:38:29AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "I'm sorry you feel that way."
    07/14/2006 10:38:45AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "However, as I mentioned, this is the procedure."
    07/14/2006 10:39:14AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "If you could provide me the mailing address to which the system was shipped, that would suffice."
    07/14/2006 10:39:50AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "That would enable me to go ahead and send you the CDs."
    07/14/2006 10:40:39AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "it was someplace in ft lauderdale"
    07/14/2006 10:40:44AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: ""
    07/14/2006 10:41:54AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "XXXX, the best option available right now is that I could call you back in 45 minutes, during which period you could gather the information I require."
    07/14/2006 10:42:12AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "There is no reason for me not to send you the CDS."
    07/14/2006 10:42:41AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "except that you do not recognize that the company moved to the new offices"
    07/14/2006 10:42:50AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "I'm only bound by the policies which I cannot overlook."
    07/14/2006 10:42:57AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Please bear with me and oblige."
    07/14/2006 10:43:08AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "because of that restriction - these machines are worthless"
    07/14/2006 10:43:35AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Since that information has not been updated on the account, I don't see the address you have mentioned."
    07/14/2006 10:43:36AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "and i have to go to the purchaser of the equipment and explain to him that your policy is to not ship the CD's"
    07/14/2006 10:43:46AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "and not to belive me that the company moved"
    07/14/2006 10:44:44AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "XXXX, I do believe you. But, the policy is not to ship the CDs without verifying the details."
    07/14/2006 10:45:15AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "the details that your records are not current"
    07/14/2006 10:45:24AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "and if i were to tell you we moved"
    07/14/2006 10:45:25AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "If the details are verified, the CDs will definitely be sent to you and the systems will be up and running."
    07/14/2006 10:45:30AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "then how are you to change that information"
    07/14/2006 10:45:39AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "without the previous information?"
    07/14/2006 10:46:16AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "I'm afraid, that would not be possible."
    07/14/2006 10:46:47AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "exactly - so your are confirming - that without the old shipping address"
    07/14/2006 10:46:56AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "that you cannot update the new address"
    07/14/2006 10:47:02AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "and i don't know the old adress"
    07/14/2006 10:47:05AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "I can call you back, while you obtain the information to verify."
    07/14/2006 10:47:10AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "so these machines are worthless"
    07/14/2006 10:47:22AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "and you cannot / will not ship a restore CD"
    07/14/2006 10:47:35AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "FROM WHO DO I GET THE OLD INFORMATIOM?"
    07/14/2006 10:47:48AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "the boss that is waiting for his laptop?"
    07/14/2006 10:48:10AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "or from the previous manager that i took his job?"
    07/14/2006 10:49:28AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "how about this"
    07/14/2006 10:49:40AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
    07/14/2006 10:49:47AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
    07/14/2006 10:49:53AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "XXXXXXXXX"
    07/14/2006 10:50:08AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "is that better"
    07/14/2006 10:50:11AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "well????"
    07/14/2006 10:50:13AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "well???"
    07/14/2006 10:50:48AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "I have just checked the account."
    07/14/2006 10:51:53AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "I see that the account details have been updated and the CDs have been shipped dated today."
    07/14/2006 10:52:25AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "You should receive the CDs in 2 business days to the address you'd like them to be sent."
    07/14/2006 10:52:34AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "yea - i talked to a sales rep that updated the information"
    07/14/2006 10:52:55AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "while you were jacking me around"
    07/14/2006 10:54:20AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "All right."
    07/14/2006 10:54:44AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Is there any other Dell Hardware related issue I could assist you with?"
    07/14/2006 10:55:03AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "no"
    07/14/2006 10:55:13AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "thank you and have a wonderful train ride home"
    07/14/2006 10:55:33AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Are you satisfied with the level of service provided to you in this interaction?"
    07/14/2006 10:55:49AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "You're welcome."
    07/14/2006 10:55:49AM Stupid Dell Purchaser: "no - thank you and have a pleasant train ride home"
    07/14/2006 10:56:06AM Agent (Airas_01125076): "Please allow me 3 minutes while I document our interaction and get you case number for future reference."
    07/14/2006 10:57:05AM Session Ended
    If you require further assistance, please visit us at 

  • Wow, I feel bad for the time you wasted, but the laugh was definitely worth it for me!

  • That's a really nice AI chatbot they use at Dell.

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