• Mark sent this in a little while back, and I think this is a good a place as any ...

    My organisation produces database driven websites for the education sector here down under. For months we have been sparring with our marketing dept on what we are allowed to advertise. A special exemption has been made to allow us to display our URL on marketing material, as "normally secondary branding is not allowed", and the URL contains the project name. We should link to the main website. Fine, the main website doesnt link to us, we wont get any traffic... I am getting paid either way.

    As a coder I am easily frustrated with this bullshit, and the final straw came as we requested to distribute branded stressballs. Spherical, traditional balls. Marketing finally allowed us to proceed with our URL on one side of the ball, and theirs on the other. The email read: "...with the (main organisation) logo displayed prominently on the front of the ball, to achieve maximum visibility...".

    Several crates of stressballs arrived later in the post. Horrors! A mix up! Half of these balls had the main logo on the back! I emailed Marketing, who were demanding action for an hour or so before someone with a brain got involved...

  • I share your view of marketing/sales people 😉


  • As the saying goes, "that oughta keep a blonde busy for hours, if not days"

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