Keep zero

  • One of my favorites (of many) from an app my team maintains (but didn't write):

    RightNow = DateAdd("h", Convert.ToDouble(randomObject.GetAppSetting("TimeOffset")), Now())

    And elsewhere....

    TimeSpan span = new TimeSpan(Convert.ToInt64(randomObject.GetAppSetting("TimeOffset")));
    RightNow = DateTime.Now.Add(span);
    AYearFromNow = RightNow.AddYears(1);

    And TimeOffset in the config file?

    <!-- Keep zero-->
    <add key="TimeOffset" value="0"/>

    (In addition to all the date WTFs, GetAppSetting of course is an instance method found in multiple business "objects"--and I use the word object very losely--across the application). Some variable names changed but everything else left exactly as is.

  • try{

       RightNow = DateTime.Now.AddDays(1); // It's your tomorrow.

       Wait("for what");

    } catch ThatMagicMoment {

       ThatMagicMoment && DoItRight();


  • Perhaps it was there for unit testing - if you want to test weird cases like leap-days and stuff, you don't want to have to wait four years or fiddle with the system clock!

  •  very losely

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