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  • I've found a couple translation mishaps in Adobe software, and thought I'd share. Maybe others have some juicy slash funny mistakes also.

    - Adobe Updater has a checkbox that says "Download only when connection is idle", which was translated into Dutch with
    "Alleen downloaden als de verbinding inaktief is", which might be translated back to English as:
    "Only download when connection is disabled".

    - Layer "Set" in Photoshop is translated with "Instellen", due to the homonym Set (collection) and Set (to set an option). So new layer sets in PS7 and CS are effedtively called "Setup 1", "Setup 2" etc. Good thing Sets were renamed to Groups in CS2.

  • The first one's not that bad, "inaktief" could just as well be read as "unused". Second one's pretty funny though :).

    I hate all software localization. My pc and phone and other gadgets speak English to me, and all is well.

    (Dutch Windows did teach me the word "Annuleren", though 😉

  • @RiX0R said:

    My pc and phone and other gadgets speak English to me

    A friend of mine has a phone that has a field for 'Thuispagina' for every user ('homepage in english'), now guess what it's for.

    It is not for that persons homepage, but for their home phone number! Probably it was called 'home' in english and someone just took the wordlist and translated it to 'thuispagina' instead of just 'thuis' (or better 'vast' which means 'fixed' and is the usual word to use for landlines in the netherlands).

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