It needs to be configurable

  • We have the following:


    Environment    # Servers    # Hot backups    Total
    ----------- --------- ------------- -----
    DR 12 12 24
    Prod 12 12 24
    QA 6 0 6
    Test 4 0 4
    Dev 2 0 2
    Total 60

    Config Files Per Server
    Main App 8
    Aux App 1 8
    Aux App 2 8
    Aux App 3 8
    Total: 32

    For the math-challenged, that's 1920 configuration files.

    I suggested that perhaps we should put it all in the db, so that if we need to rename a server (as we did recently), or an IP or port has to change, we don't need to do a massive search and destroy on nearly 2,000 config files.

    The response: Nah, the app needs to be configurable; it's ok, we've been doing it like this for years.

  •  Looking after 1920 config files? Now that's what I call job security! And after I've written my little shell script, it's five mins of work every so often, and the rest of the time looking busy and collecting a salary for nothing. [Practices furrowed brow and doom-laden speech-to-boss "we could change things, but the world would come to a end 30 seconds later"]

  • Question: How many configuration items (key/value pairs)?

  • @zelmak said:

    Question: How many configuration items (key/value pairs)?

    All told, each set has about about 150 items, most sets having the same or similar values (e.g.: defaults in the program would make a lot more sense than brute force specifying everything everywhere).

  • We use Amazon SimpleDB for this. Our system isn't nearly as big though...

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