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  •     Ai had to say: "As a rehabilitation exercises every day, really hard thing; two to go on a diet to lose weight, eat a little bit of every meal. Useless, to say do not listen."

        The next morning, he can accompany Wu Yi Zhongguo ren liberation to the hospital for Wu Yan has done a check, the results of all normal, especially the brain did not find any congestion, ribs and humerus are also alive and well, less than

    The effect of rehabilitation is not good, arm straight and bend range, there are gaps, the doctor asked Yan Wu was to increase the amount of exercise every day, not painlessly, it is best to use a heavier dumbbell exercise the job. Afternoon, Wu liberation

    Back Qingming.

        Feel is mid-April, the earth covered with a layer of new green. Jia Huai When finally completed an internship this semester courses, full of passion back to college. That evening after supper, he went to the teacher's home.

        Once the door was Wu Yan, a meeting, the girl stared, even goes so that it can resist a face, rinse to look at her blush, panic and said: "Come."

        Jia Huai Wu had not thought of when Yan is still here, see the girl looked at his shy embarrassed to have the same loss. Rushed into the room after the bell Jia Huai when asked the teacher how to effect after the last treatment

    , Has said the Ai effect can be better, but that medicine is too expensive, according to Wang Youlin provide the prescription, a course of treatment is necessary more than six dollars, mainly that the scorpion is too expensive.

        See Wu Yan Jia was pregnant when the came, felt very happy for a moment to ask this question on that, I suddenly remembered the library to help things. When Jia Huai, said: "That go in a hurry, do not ask what the book

    , Well, tomorrow will be to borrow or buy. "

        Yan Wu once said: "like Qiong Yao, Cen Kailun, and Tie Ning, Fang Fang, Wang, Chi Li's novel, right, then let's set of" Dream of Red Mansions, "Come on, these days television is broadcasting it, bored silly,

    Want to shining see. "

        "Oh, when pregnant, tomorrow I take several novels by Jin Yong, is said to write a good, recent books can Aspect, and right when the consumer pastime it." Zhongguo Ren said.

        "I said you better open open God," who may be unhappy Ai said, "This is only a little improvement on the face and the look Look, do not care for him when pregnant."

        Yan Jia Huai When Wu had laughed, Zhongguo Ren shook his head.

        "I see" Resurrection "and" Jane Eyre "came looking for, or have used?" When connected to the Wu Jia Huai Yan would have continued.

        "In the past seen, or the" Gone with the Wind, "" Anna Karenina "and" Tess "borrowed a look."

        Hear the title, know when Jia Huai, Wu Yan was usually love reading, and reading a lot of classics.

        Sit for a while, when Jia Huai see late, got up to leave, Yan Wu has repeatedly stressed, must take the book sent tomorrow, finished, washed Jia Huai when smiling. Jia Huai when flushed repeatedly promised.

        32 deadly trail

        Despite the slow pace of spring, or quietly came to earth, not the warm trade winds, the peach branches still encrusted flowers, An Liu Xu Phi also linked green.

        Gou Rubai attack by more than a month investigating the case, still no substantial progress. Reconvene the panel that day, and the Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director Jia criminal investigation unit and the ad hoc group of comrades who meet together

    Comprehensive case. However, analysis to analyze the go, but could not find prospect. Investigated three groups of twenty or thirty people to understand these people more or less Gou Rubai some past seasons, although the motive, but the record, say

    Situation above and circumstantial evidence, no one has committed crimes, the case of injury can speak clear night and witness their own position. Will be open for a long time, we still found no doubt, only to find a way

    Looking for clues, especially about Gou Rubai friends and relatives so that they provide a new breakthrough. Gou Rubai decided separately to find the uncle and nephew Wu Hao Wen Kai really understand the situation.

        In a flash, Wu Hao, deputy secretary positions from Qinzhou to step aside has eighty-nine years. After retirement, he and his wife to be the Standing Committee of the piano in the original family member courtyard of Building III Qinzhou prefectural housing. Reform and opening up children

    Son went to New Zealand, his family emigrated a few years ago; her work in the provincial capital, rarely return Qinzhou; thanks to the work of the distant nephew Qinzhou Power Authority from time to time over the walk, and talk to the old couple so much comfort. Wu

    Hao catch of a lifetime revolution, and got reported for decades, in addition to marking files, impromptu speech and look, "published two papers an" almost no other hobbies, just retired was I restless all day, bored

    To the extreme when the RBI is also looking for someone old K, veteran first time took part in the Calligraphy Exhibition area, over time and gradually adapt to life in recent years, almost no longer participate in veteran activities, usually in addition to

    Walk or take a walk. Gou Rubai reselling the oil, together with others after the incident, Wu Hao is very sad, he was active in calling for justice on the surface according to the law, privately gave the prefectural tube Political leaders call, I hope

    Look at the special family background, the extent permitted by law, put the blame of the beast one yard. Gou Rubai was sentenced six years, is Wu Hao unexpected, can not they have the stage, what

    Way to do it, they said very clearly is very polite, this is lenient enough, know the lighter weight of the devil. Gou Rubai injury cases occurred, the bong was not shocked, his words, "late disaster

    Is to take place early, "his nephew what stuff, uncle heart knows best.

        Is the weekend, weather is sunny, the climate is very pleasant. After breakfast, Wu Hao Qin walk in the park to be out of the way to the farmers market to buy some food. Old home down the nanny took the spring grasses and vegetables his mother

    They choose to get up the next vine. Replaced sports trousers, bong bubble tea a cup of rain, then to the second floor study to read the day's newspaper. Piano on the second floor balcony on the duck with bird called the simple-minded, funny gold

    Pakistan dog.

        Soon, the phone rang. Leaving the piano to be simple-minded answer the phone.

  • I edited out the links and banned the user.

    This is now the prose thread.

    I am particularly partial to the poetic ending.

  • @dhromed said:

    I edited out the links and banned the user.

    This is now the prose thread.

    I am particularly partial to the poetic ending.

    Well then then, your up next!.

  • @trt45yd said:

    Pakistan dog.

    Tajikistan frog.

  • @frits said:

    @trt45yd said:

    Pakistan dog.

    Tajikistan frog.


    This is now the prose recipe thread.


  • No quack.

  • @frits said:

    @trt45yd said:

    Pakistan dog.

    Tajikistan frog.

    Yule log


  • @trt45yd said:

    32 deadly trail

    I only ever ordered this once

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