The SCM lost the codes

  • Minor, but chuckle-worthy.

    We use GForge ( as our SCM. It's not bad. Well, I haven't had any bad experiences with it. Someone in another department, on the other hand, is hardly satisfied.

    ... the source code for 2 projects has been lost ... from
    the GForge CVS repository. ... projects were between 6 and 12 months
    inactive... the projects' pages exist but the source is gone. ...

    ... The IT department is working this [sic]. The good news is that there are backups. ...

    ... This does make me concerned about trusting GForge and CVS. ... I wonder about projects that have used SVN through GForge. ... Right now I just have a lot of questions as to what happened and what I can trust. ...

    Okay. Color me a little suspicious. I'm pretty sure the point of SCM is storing and managing source code and content. I don't think they got lost, especially since the project pages are still there. Mad props for throwing SVN in this WTF, which was totally out of left field.

    Oh well. Our trusty IT dept is on the issue. I've got faith they'll figure it out. And at least we've got backups. But what can you trust if you can't trust your SCM?!

    ... Update:   Source is not lost from the repository. It seems to be directly under CVSRoot. ...

    Can you imagine what the help desk call for this sounds like?


    Tech: Okay, what are the names of the projects?

    User: X and Y

    Tech: Okay, I see a single folder called 'CVSRoot' in the repository of each of these projects. Did you try to open that folder?

    User hangs up



  • Inb4 "TRWTF is CVS".

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