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  • OK, so it probably works for the most part, but yesterday, Proxim's support site got me pretty frustrated.

    I went looking for drivers for a Farallon network card. Seems Proxim must have bought them, which is cool... Except when I clicked "Downloads" on the front page, I was greeted with a login page.
    Not cool, but not too unpleasant, until I tried to log in. I figured I wasn't a member (since I couldnt remember this page), so I tried the new user form. It rejected my email address because it was already in use. Fair enough, I'll just log in. Didn't accept my password or email address. Try the forgetten password link.... My email address was declared as invalid by that one.

    So here's what actually happened:
    I registered some time ago with a normal username I use
    Proxim changed the rules so they use email addresses as usernames and updated all text on the pages to use the words "email address" not "user name".
    I come back, try to register, find the address already in use and try my email address in the box provided (as they ask for).
    The database can't find the username "email@provider.dom", which is quite right
    The error message is this "
    The email address you supplied does not appear to be valid."
    I create a new account with a different email address
    I email support about it and they simply tell me that "support is a two way street" so they need email addresses.
    I spend the rest of the day reading and replying to emails from Proxim until they finally tell me I had already registered with a non-email address username and they'd forward my username and password to me.
    I reply and tell them a few things, and mention that Im concerned that they store my password (which must be at least 8 char) in plaintext, and that I will now log in and remove my account.
    I log in and discover I cant actually remove my account.
    I'm waiting for their reply.

    BTW, they appear to be using something from a company called "Right Now Technologies". It seems to be the real WTF.

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