Do your own homework!

  • It's been a long while since I frequented comp.lang.c, but while I was there, I was frustrated with the number of people who'd show up only to post assignment questions, in the hopes that group regulars would provide the answers.

    Eventually I got frustrated with this ... my post is #3 ...

    abstract data type (ADT)

    Perhaps it was a bit mean, but hopefully 'keith' learned two valid 'life lessons': do your own work, and never trust disgruntled programmers ūüôā

  • nice work!

  • I don't agree with you. And I don't think you did a favour to this person. Recently I sent a WTF to Alex about an article on CodeProject about DataGrid paging technique using a stored procedure that involved creating a temporary table, copying all of the data to the temporary table adding a new identity field just to add a sequence number to all the records and then returning the requested range. I mentioned to the author that this technique is useless for small tables because then paging wouldn't be a problem in any way, and for big tables it's totally useless because it will basically kill the server. Well, Alex wasn't as nice... in fact he suggested that the person should consider a carreer change and that a bigger idiot it's hard to find. I told Alex it was a little bit too much IMO and his response was that you will do a favour if you MAKE the person start thinking and that if you just explain or say "do your homework" there won't be any consequences - the problem will be solved with or without understanding but this guy(gal) will continue working this way and keep asking dumb questions. If you have the time - start educating a class - this way you will help more people, not just one. And for sure your¬†answer will¬†have no value for anyone else because a quick search will¬†give¬†people much more¬†information than¬†your¬†half page answer. You should explain how WRONG the approach is. There's something called "research" and using google to check the web and/or newsgroups is so much easier than posting a question on the newgroups. It's faster as well.

    So "do your homework" wasn't the right answer. The right one should be "You are an idiot! How much time did you spend before asking the question? Did you ever heard about research? It's the thing you're supposed to do before asking out loud sopmething. Just do a quick search on google and see what you'll get. The way you started walking won't take you far if you expect other people to do your own homework."

    In fact I'm going to post it in the forum and I hope it will make a difference, because when you are THAT wrong you should figure it somehow.


    Edit: DAMN! I can't reply because it's way too old! I wish I could.

  • PS: If you're curious what happened with the wrong article - the person actually deleted it, which is actually a good thing because there were a couple of comments "thanks" and "cool, now I figured out how to do it"... So thanks to Alex it didn't mislead more people.

  • In my living room, I have a painting that was originally meant to compile on Abstract C.

  • ¬†¬†¬†¬† I think that was a valid response.¬†
    People should not rely on other people providing them with all the
    answers.  I started out and still use search online for answers
    myself  - you learn to be self-reliant and how to learn.

         I also see these same students on and paying people to do their homework.  Come one....
    the very reason EXISTS is because of lazy, moronic

    students like this that actually get out into the wild.

    Dr MindHacker

  • I've done that sort of thing myself, and thoroughly support people
    doing so. If someone's asking questions, wanting to learn and be better
    at doing X, by all means help and support them.

    For the people who just copy& paste their coursework questions into
    usenet/forums, give them hell. Best case scenario they  get ripped
    apart by their tutor, and they think about what went wrong and why, and
    change their attitude. At the very least they'll learn a lesson about
    what happens when you're lazy and get others to do your work. Failing
    that, they'll at least maybe give up because it's too hard, so we don't
    have to suffer them entering the workpool.

    The war on WTFs starts at the source. Locate, eradicate, and celebrate.

  • RayS is right.¬†¬† the best thing to do to idiots like the one that asked the question is try and make him fail out of college so that the software world is a better place.

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