Help Organizing Unit Test Data

  • <font face="Arial">Ok, this post is very noob-ish even though I swear I have some clue.  Basically I have some hard-coded paths to test data in my unit test classes that I need to remove.  The project directories are organized like this:

    projectname\test\packagenamepath\test classes for all unit tests
    </font><font face="Arial">projectname\test\test-docs for all data needed by the unit tests

    Right now the hardcoded paths are "c:....", I thought of relative paths i.e. "../../etc" but if I move a class around in the heirarchy that screws up.  It seems silly to read the root dir from a properties file, plus then I need to specify where that is when I use codeguides junit integration or an ant task.  I figure there has to be some simple way to solve this problem that I am overlooking that will work even if I move the project to a different drive/directory and that I won't have to maintain.  Any suggestions?
    </font><font face="Arial">

  • Well, I dug up the answer to my own question, since "test-docs" is in the class path in each of my tests, I can read in a data file using code like this:


    So now all paths are relative to the root as long as the classpath is set up correctly.

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