Love those Notes

  • Our internal problem reporting (PR) system is in Lotus Notes.  A
    couple of days ago my manager facetiously remarked that "if PR numbers
    were signed 16-bit ints, we'd be in trouble real soon."  And then
    we laughed and reminisced about the olden days when such things
    actually happened.

    Today I tried to mark PR 32813 as a duplicate and got a popup that said
    "Overflow."  WTF?  So I complained to our Notes programmer
    and he said:

    the problem was due to a temporary variable defined as  '2 byte
    singed short integer' that support values of -32,768 to 32767.

    I changed the data type to 4 byte signed long integer and this should last for a while. (-2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647)

    He really likes 8-point fonts, too. 

  • Why keep the sign?

    You'll have an extra 2 billion.

  • poor data type choice on the part of the developer - you can hardly blame the product - any competent developer knows the ranges - if he made an assumption based on java etc maybe he needs a lotusscript book...

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