Clearly there is no business plan...

  • Poking through some old Visual Basic (4 and 5!) code, I came across a file named basBusPlan.bas... containing all of six lines:

    Attribute VB_Name = "basBusPlan"
    Option Explicit

    And then four blank lines!

    I wonder if the developers of this code used this as an "include" (did VB4/5 support includes?)... or was this just an unimplemented feature? Anyway, I find the name of the file quite amusing given its content...

  • Oh, I forgot to mention, a report-generation module contained this wonderful function:

    Function DropTable() as Boolean

    One might suppose that the reports were stored in a "temporary" (not really) database table and read in via some other method... but what happens if two people are viewing different reports simultaneously?!

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