Test of Courage

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    Not exactly the message I'd expect from 1,000+ software ... but hey. (from Mike Hoye)

  • Wow.

    I just took a look at their website, and, they must be awefully proud
    of their product. $1195 for Windows version $2595 for Unix version.

    Heh. I'm not sure I could bring myself to answer yes to that dialog. But I certainly could bring myself to ask for a refund.

  • any particular -reason- that's such a big issue for it or just lazyness?

  • @memorex said:

    any particular -reason- that's such a big issue for it or just lazyness?

    Yes, there is a reason. Their code can't handle large lists.. ūüôā ... Which is scary, but, hey!

  • What's this software supposed to do anyway? Win a snail-race?

  • Either some developer put that in while testing and it never got taken out, or that's a shocingly bad error. lol

    Not only that, there's also an errant, comma, in, there, too.

  • Should have placed the Fear Factor logo instead of the question mark.....

  • After having written my own database manager (like sql enterprise manager, but fewer functions and much quicker when talking to an MSDE), I understand this message.

    He means that it might look like the program isn't responding, but actually it's getting and parsing the data. Perhaps a new thread with a progress bar would help...


  • ArcView GIS, huh? What version # are you running?

  • @init6 said:

    We should start a thread for Funniest Test Data you forgot to take out before production.

    I think the one that takes the cake is the large non-profit
    organization that sent out a few thousand letters to their biggest
    donors, each of them with the courteous salutation, "Dear Rich

    There's no substitute for courtesy.  According to the story, the
    programmer was sacked.  I figured, if true, quite a few other
    people ought to have been.

  • While writng our pricing tool for our nationwide sales¬†representatives, a discussion came up where the programmers asked, what if the user does this, then that, then does this.¬† Our boss said "You'd have to be a real dumba** to do that."¬† So they jokingly put code in that if the user did those steps, and error message would pop up

    "You can't do that, dumba**"

    Well, then they forgot about it... then my boss got a call from a rep who (thankfully) was cracking up laughing.  He had evidently tripped the error.  They had to realease a critical update immediately (This was before anyone was doing web-based software updates).

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