Siebel - A WTF?

  • I tried downloading a file from a company which aparrently uses siebel to run some aspects of its web servers, and got a very strange error.  When I clicked on the link to download the file, the resulting url looked something like this -


    With big error text that of course told me nothing about how to resolve the problem.

    SWE Internal Error

    An internal error occurred while trying to process your request through the Siebel Web Engine (SWE). This error indicates a problem with the configuration of this server and should be reported to the webmaster (along with any errors listed below). We apologize for the inconvenience


    1. 129*GEN-28758: (smimtsh.cpp 11: 924) error code = 28758, system error = 0, msg1 = (null), msg2 = (null), msg3 = (null), msg4 = (null)1*014*smimtsh.cpp 113*9240*0*0*0*

    This surprised me a bit as

    a) I didn't know that Siebel was into the Web server thing.  Everything I've read about them indicates they are a vendor of very expensive, CRM bloatware. 

    b) it's really a pretty simple thing to submit a file on the web for downloading.  it puts the file into the folder and creates a link to it.  Even I can do that!  Doh!

    Since I am not a web developer I'll leave it to the webbies on this group to ponder the WTF-ness of the error I received when downloading said file, and to tell us indeed if the the url is a WTF.  I've taken pains to mask the identity of the company, as I do not wish to embarrass them

  • I used to be an administrator for a Sibel implementation that my previous employer did.  The system was completly web driven using a lot of java applets in the newer stuff and COM controls in the older stuff.  The .swe extenstion was mapped through to the siebel server using a proxy in the web server front end.


    As to the error, Siebel implemented an amazing complex (big surpise) method of storing attachments.  They would be encrypted and stored on the server (not the web server, but the Siebel server) with a reference in the database as to it's location.


    As to the error message, I got very good and finding solutions in their Knowledge base using those error messages.  Their knowledge base was one of their better things. Once you leanred to navigate it you could find out most of your problems.

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