Confusing label

  • I've just received a new rackmountable switch from Netgear. Inside the box is a plastic bag which contains a label affixed to the usual "easy-peal" backing.The label reads "Warranty void if broken or removed.". 

    What the? Are now Netgear so idle that they request us to affix our own warranty seal labels on their products? 

    I assume that since the label has not be removed from its backing, the warranty is fine.

  • If you remove the label from the backing, your warranty will be void. Ergo, don't remove the label from the backing. Problem solved.

  • Xbox 360 consoles have a little silver warranty sticker placed across the crack where the two halves separate if you disassemble the console, and ideally that sticker would tear in half if you opened your console up. When I got my Xbox I quickly found that some goon at the factory misplaced the sticker. It's on the console, but it's entirely on one piece rather than across the seam. I've never modded my Xbox but after seeing that I had to open it up since it apparently wouldn't void my warranty.

  • It's probably the warranty for the plastic bag.

  • I thought Alex liked receiving junk neat stuff like this. The label might be worth a WTF mug.

  • >   the usual "easy-peal" backing.

     I broke out in peels of laughter at that.

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