57 dumbest tech moments in 2010

  • This article ought to fuel some discussion.

    It got me thinking, though, especially with all the blog posts, support article, etc. that the article links to-- our industry has a lot of WTFs because it's really, really open. For other industries, those sources are simply not available at all...

  • Ok, proof again that I'm living in a cave: out of the first 25, I recognised one (some Facebook meltdown). Then again, 20 of the other 24 are about the iPhone, which I don't give a crap about.

    The one that really made me chuckle:

    @Dumb Year said:

    Fusion Garage, maker of the ill-fated, poorly-reviewed JooJoo (née CrunchPad) sends out an e-mail to JooJoo buyers seeking their feedback on the device. The company puts all their addresses in the to: field rather than blind-carbon-copying them, so anyone who gets the e-mail can see who else received it. There are sixty-four recipients.

  •  One event that fails to be mentioned was at some point this year, Google changed its homepage to look like Bing's for about 24 hours, where instead of its trademark white background, it allowed (read: forced) you to choose a background image, and its logo was not the colorful one we see today. This caused mass panic and rioting in the interwebs, and Google finally realized it wasn't Bing, nor should it try to be Bing, so it changed it back.

  •  Ahhh yes.   The obligatory "end of the year and we're too lazy to write anything original so we'll just make a list of stuff that happened".

  •  Technology WTF of 2010:  "How long does it take to stick a cork in a hole?  At BP, we're just beginning to find out."

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