Are there any browser addon frameworks out there?

  • Hey, guys,

    I was tasked with looking for a framework that would provide a unified library that would allow one to write extension/addon code for all the major browsers without too much code-forking for the different platforms and other idiosynchrasies that we all know and love about browsers. One thing to note is I'm not looking for a plugin library like FireBreath. To give you a rule of thumb, a browser plugin differs from what I'm looking for in that a plugin is something like Flash, Google Earth, or Silverlight where it's an application that is executed within an embedded script in a web page. An extension, what I'm looking for, is something like FireBug or a toolbar application, where it directly interacts with the browser itself, and has more intimate knowledge of the web pages the user is viewing, and how the browser is set up.

    At this point I'm open to commercial or open-source, free or not, and I'll consider any language besides VB5 or MUMPS. If anyone could point me to something that I can't seem to google, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    In the worst case scenario, if you know of anything that might at least be a compromise, like a very good framework that only works with Firefox or only works with IE, I'll consider that, too.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Sorry I can't answer your question, but if you do find one, could you post the link here? I'd be interested in looking at it.

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